UST Operator Refresher Training: How often?

October 30, 2013

I’ve updated and republished this article since a few more states now have training refresher rules.

PTS Training 2007 177We like to think the UST Operator Training Deadline of August 8, 2012, is the beginning of the training requirement and not the ending, due to refresher requirements and staff turnover. In our ongoing efforts to help operators always plan for tomorrow, here’s something to consider: refresher training.

Those who track UST regulations from state to state know how maddening the differences can be and most of the rule differences are subtle. Take for instance the requirement to retrain certified Class A, B and C UST operators. Most state don’t require retraining unless the UST owner receives a significant violation or notice of non-compliance. So if you did well in class and keep your sumps clean and your records in order, so to speak, retraining shouldn’t be in your future. Unless of course you’re in the following states:


State Refresher Required Every
Connecticut 2 years for Class C
Georgia 7 years for Class A/B and C
Guam/CNMI 2 years for Class A/B and C
Hawai’i 5  years for Class A/B, every 1 year for C
Illinois 4 years for Class A/B and C
Kansas 4 years for Class A/B and C
Kentucky 1 year for “DCM” (Class A/B equivalent)
New Mexico 5 years for Class A/B and C
Pennsylvania 1 year “briefing” for Class C
Vermont 2 years for Class C
Washington DC 1 year “briefing” for Class C

So if you are not in one of the above states, you don’t need to refresh your certification. Unless of course you get a significant operational violation. Then you need to retrain. If you are in one of these states, then start making plans to ensure refreshers are built into your long term compliance plan.

For more information on states specific operator training rules, click here.


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