UST Program Timeline Now Available On EPA’s UST Website

May 21, 2021

(Ben’s note: I recently received this email from Mark Barolo from EPA and thought it was worth sharing with our UST community. I first met Mark way back in 1996 at my first national Tanks Conference and am very happy that Mark has moved into the role of the acting director of the national UST program. Mark keeps alive the spirit of EPA wanting to make sure we are all working together to keep the nation’s drinking water supplies free from leaking UST systems)

UST Colleagues, Partners, and Stakeholders:

EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks developed a timeline about the national underground storage tanks (UST) program.  You may access an interactive version of the timeline on EPA’s UST website at and a text version at  

About The Timeline

The national UST program timeline provides our colleagues, partners, stakeholders, and others with an easy-to-use and succinct history about the national UST program.  It provides an informative compilation about milestones in the national UST program since its inception through today and recognizes the incredible body of underground storage tank work completed to date. 

In the timeline, we discuss the origin of the UST program; significant events through the program’s history, such as legislation, regulations, and technology developments; our partnerships with states, territories, tribes, and industry; highlights of the UST program’s work in preventing releases, detecting leaks, and cleaning up releases; and the importance of ensuring all communities, including those shouldering a disproportionate share of exposure to negative effects of pollution, are protected from UST contamination.   

Appreciation For Your Contributions To The National UST Program

Throughout our existence, the national UST program has committed to working cooperatively with our colleagues, partners, and stakeholders.  From the onset of the national UST program, EPA realized that, because of the large size and diversity of the regulated UST community, we wanted input and assistance from our partners to implement the program.  Since the program’s inception, together we’ve achieved great successes, many of which are displayed in the timeline.  Much credit for the UST program’s achievements goes to you—our partners in EPA regions; state, territorial, and tribal UST and leaking UST programs; state associations; UST industry; and the regulated community. 

I acknowledge and thank each of you, as well as your predecessors, for your significant work, contributions, and dedication to preventing, detecting, and cleaning up petroleum releases from underground storage tanks.  Your part in keeping our environment and health safe for us and future generations is reflected in the ongoing accomplishments and successes of the national UST program.  My sincerest thanks to all of you. 

More UST Work Remains

We still have more work ahead as we together continue our progress to ensure our country’s land and water are free of petroleum contamination from underground storage tanks.  I look forward to our continued collaboration and ongoing partnerships in implementing the national UST program.  

Mark Barolo 

Acting Director

EPA, Office of Underground Storage Tanks


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