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UST Training in Guam and CNMI - UST Training

July 19, 2012

UST Training just completed training 5 classes in the West Pacific July 10-19, 2012: Here are the numbers:

  • 5 Classes
  • 3 in Guam (165 students)
  • 2 in CNMI, including the islands of Saipan, Rota and Tinian (60 students)

Check out the Tank Savvy Minute!

  • 2 on-site field trips
  • Languages spoken in class: English, Chamorro, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish.
  • Lots of ball float valves, flexible plastic piping and quick-connect test ports in the shear valve.
  • FRP Tanks: nearly 100%
  • FRP and flexible plastic piping: 50/50.
  • Double-walled UST systems: nearly 100%
  • Veeder Roots: nearly 100%
  • USTs in alarm upon inspection: 25%
  • Spill buckets full of water upon inspection 25%
  • Average fuel temperature: 91-94 degrees F
  • Annual Precipitation: No one knows. It rains every day here.

Second Class in Saipan. The graduates!



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