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UST Training Never ends - UST Training

October 24, 2015

paperMany of the customers we talk to seems puzzled, even surprised, that the UST training they took was much better than they expected. Online training, if not expressly designed for the end user in mind, can be tedious, irrelevant and largely considered a waste of precious time.The majority of our customers surveyed find our courses convenient, useful and at least as good or better than live training.

Most of our customers login, take the training, pass the exam, print their certificate and logout. End of story.

But did you know your training account is active and open forever? After class you can log back in and:

  • Watch any lesson again as a a refresher.
  • Download the study guide and extra handouts.
  • Download daily, monthly and annual inspection forms.
  • Watch our now famous Tank Savvy Minute training videos.
  • Reprint your certificate.
  • Re-certify if your state requires refreshers.

Here at UST Training, we try to make our online system something you can return to time and again. Whether you lost your certificate or want a quick refersher on leak detection, our system is here 24/7 to help you be the best UST operator you can be.

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