UST Training Partners with Your Environmental Specialist

March 19, 2020

UST Training has announced a formal partnership with Your Environmental Specialist (YES) to help bring new training solutions to UST operators in Texas. YES is also an authorized reseller of Class A/B and C training courses nationwide Check them out!

Mr. Javed Surani, CEO and Founder of YES, worked with UST Training, along with Javed’s father Jalāluddin, to translate and produce the Hindi-language version of our nationally recognized Class C course. The course is approved or considered acceptable in all states and territories except California. Feedback so far has been very positive:

“The Class C Hindi Operator training is amazing! I learned more in the 30 minutes than I have ever learned while working at gas stations for the last 20 years!” -UST Operator

A former UST Investigator for the State of Texas for three years at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Mr. Surani conducted site visits at over 500 gas stations in the Houston area.

Mr. Surani has extensive knowledge about environmental regulations and has experience in interpreting the law. Additionally, Mr. Surani is a certified line tester and Stage 1 vapor recovery tester.

Your Environmental Specialist is a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), and Mr. Surani serves on the PEI’s Young Executive committee, which is responsible for developing plans for the PEI Young Executives program.

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