Want to be a strategic partner with us?

November 17, 2020

UST Training is all about partnerships and working relationships in our quest to prevent leaks, spills and fines through motivational training for UST operators. Want to join our team?

Over the years we’ve created alliances with various state UST agencies. For instance, Montana’s Tank Helper, Kentucky’s TOOLS and Maine’s Tank Smart were all done with creative input from our staff. Also, we currently provide training statewide in Arizona for no cost to operators; for reimbursement in Iowa; and have offered subsidized training in the past for West Virginia and Wisconsin through various state grant programs.

Another way we help operators is through state and regional petroleum marketer associations. We have reseller agreements with PMAs in Oregon, Colorado/Wyoming, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and New England. These groups promote our training while either enjoying profit sharing or member discounts. We are also starting a reseller partnership with some select buyers groups in Texas as well.

Here’s a detailed list of our partners.

Benefits include:

  • Reseller profit sharing.
  • Training solutions to scale to any size: from one to an entire state or region.
  • Promoting high quality, nationally recognized training.
  • Keeping your UST operators out of trouble by being certified.

Want to partner with the nation’s top  UST training experts? Contact us at 866-301-8265 or [email protected].

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