Want to train every UST operator in your state? Let’s talk

January 11, 2022

At UST Training we’re not just here for answers; we want to give you solutions. The former is the bare bones of  “get ‘er done”; the latter is looking ahead and putting the problem into the context of tackling your long term goals.

Which is why we offer big things like training an entire state or Territory. For example, under contract with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), we’ve been offering online training to all qualifying Class A/B or C UST operators in the Grand Canyon State.

Since October 2020 we’ve certified over 550 Class A/B UST operators and over 1,000 Class C UST operators. That’s training a little over 1 Class A/B operator and 2 Class C operators per day, including holidays and weekends.  And all 100% online. No travel, no classroom logistics, no extra binders for no-shows, no lukewarm coffee at the break. The ADEQ reimburses UST Training for every completed course. UST Training provides the training online including all hosting, tech support and reporting. We’ve also trained all the UST operators in Guam, CNMI and the US Virgin Islands.

If you work for a state UST agency and would like to upgrade your existing solution with an eye towards improving UST compliance on a large scale, give us a shout at 866-301-8265 or [email protected]

Let’s talk.


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