Washington Class A/B Operators Like Online Learning

March 25, 2014

surveyWhen most people think about online learning, they imagine a dry disembodied voice intoning about some dry technical subject and the learner expects the worse: boring content, time wasted, nothing learned.

When we recently checked our feedback from Washington state operators, we were pleasantly surprised that our intent to create something that feels, well, friendly and useful, was not only picked up by our students but praised.

What Washington operators liked about our course.

  • We could do it without traveling.
  • Great instructor, he made it fun and educational!
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and kept training at a great pace.
  • I liked the instructor.
  • Listening to Ben he makes me laugh.
  • Feed back chat capabilities.
  • Very informative.
  • Learning about what is all underground and where it is at.
  • The lack of interruptions and thoroughness of content.

Most of the operators survey said the purchase and registration was decent (69%) or slick (23%).

Most of the operators also said they really liked the content (69%), really liked the organization of the content (78%), really liked the presentation (78%), and thought the information was really useful (75%). Not bad for automated, online learning.

Thanks Washington. Glad we’re helping you out!


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