Watch Advanced ATG Webinar for Free

August 7, 2019

Ben Thomas of UST Training recently provided a presentation about purposes and perspectives of ATGs (automatic tank gauges) in a webinar offered by NEIWPCC on August 6, 2019. Ben spoke alongside other key speakers in the UST world including all-around UST expert Marcel Moreau, and remote ATG alarm specialists Jon Kelly and Justin Whitfield of Canary Compliance.

This training webinar starts with an overview of the origin, components, and features of automatic tank gauges (ATGs). Listeners learn how owners/operators and regulators use ATGs. Speakers also discuss alarm data, alerts, and response, with a focus on how alarms can impact sites’ risk profiles. ATG reports are also be discussed, with an emphasis on determining “valid” reporting.

If you need a deeper dive into how ATGs work (or don’t), how the identify your ATG in the field, and how remote alarm monitoring can reduce operator liabilities, you can listen to this webinar for free here.

The link also contains tons of great ATG links and resources so be sure to check it out.

Great for UST inspectors and advanced Class A/B UST operators.


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