What Folks Like about Our Training

February 7, 2017

Eight years ago in Colorado we launched the nation’s first state-approved online Class A/B UST operator training course. Since then we’ve grown to offer Class A/B training in a number of states. So how are we doing?

For years we’ve been asking folks to fill out a survey rating how they liked the course. Most questions are based on a simple scale of choices (really liked it, kind of liked it, didn’t like it) so we could easily quantify the results. But recently we sifted through hundreds of comments from over the years and tried to determine if we could get some trends based on the simple, open-ended question “What did you like most about the training?”  We tallied results from Class A/B UST operators from Hawaii, Washington, Colorado, Nebraska, Wisconsin and West Virginia and here is what we found:

It’s about people. Our Class A/B course was designed by Ben Thomas who has years of training experience and a knack for making operators feel like they’re talking to a real person and not some disembodied corporate voice. We like to think folks pick up on and like the personal touch we do with everything here at UST Training. So the “Ben is Awesome” category, while seeming to brag, actually speaks to the fact that you can increase engagement by making UST training about what inspires and motivates people.

Folks love convenience. Kind of a no-brainer. Sorry brick and mortar classrooms.

Wow. I learned something. That almost 90% of the people found the course informative probably says more about the presentation of the material rather than the material itself, given how dry and boring explaining UST regulations can be. We work hard to not just explain the UST rules but make our material relevant, applicable, and informative.

Learned at my own pace. Users enjoyed being able to stop and start learning as needed. Because we know folks are busy, taking a solid day to sit in a classroom can be tough. As online learning gains traction in an industry where many of our clients are literally taking training in their back office  of a c-store, we are proud to provide high quality training that can be adopted to busy work environments.

We’ve heard it said that good training pays and bad training costs. We continue to work on making our training the best in the profession, paying our customers future dividends. Thanks for all your support and feedback.


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