What our customers like about us

July 1, 2014

paperWe periodically check our surveys to see how we’re doing and we are pleased to see some great feedback about our Class A/B courses. Here’s what our customers like about us. These are direct quotes gathered over the last six months.What users like:



  • “I could complete the course at my own pace, and go back to the areas for more study.”
  • “Being able to take the course as my time allowed.”
  • “I could go at my own pace, and go back and review what I needed to.”
  • “That it was available on line and in a “Self Paced” format. This is great for someone that cannot complete training such as this without interruption.”
  • “The convenience of not having to travel and to stop and start when it was most convenient for me.”


  • “Presenter was excellent. helped of course, by great course development.”
  • “Excellent course very informative.”
  • “More thorough than previous classes and on-line training.”
  • “The presentation was very informative and well thought out. Well worth the hours spent in reviewing the information and learning a few new things.”


  • “Presentation was very good and well organized.”
  • “Easy to understand.”
  • “Not intimidating. The test was challenging, but I learned a lot.”
  • “It was all very understandable. Liked learning at my own pace because I also had to work at same time.”
  • “I learned quite a bit. It was well organized and understandable.”


  • I learned a lot I didn’t know any of this.”
  • “I was able to review a lesson if I didn’t understand it and/or review the previous slide for clarification on the subject matter.”
  • “Well prepared and presented. Very easy to follow and very informative.”
  • “Very useful information.”
  • “Nice to know all the laws and how we can help the environment. Good course, lots of information.”
  • “Learning objectives.”
  • “Self pace and easy review if you needed.”
  • “The course was very informative providing my staff and self with regulations pertaining to the state for which the course was taken. I am responsible for the operation of UST systems over several states. This training provides the necessary information to maintain regulatory compliance within each. Ben Thomas is also available providing additional information and or support if needed. I highly recommend this training.”

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