What’s New with our Class C UST Operator Training Course?

August 11, 2022

As you know, one benefit of using our online Class C UST Operator Training course is the site-specific worksheets. The worksheets are a helpful way to help show employees the location of important safety equipment at your UST sites. After you take our nationally recognized online course, you work with your supervisor to learn the safety equipment at your particular UST location.

Over the years, the worksheets have become so popular that a number of state UST agencies have begun requiring them.

We recently made some significant improvements to our worksheets:

  • Easier to fill out. PDF versions are now fillable. Now, type your answers and print – or save a digital copy for your records.
  • Easier to sign. Supervisors, as well as Class A/B UST operators, can now sign off on the worksheets.
  • Easier to find. Worksheets are now embedded directly inside the course. No more going to another page to download.

If you’ve been using our Class C Worksheets from our nationally recognized Class C course there’s not much you need to do. However you do need to be aware that the worksheets are now inside the course instead of at an external link on our webpage.

Lastly we wanted to let folks know we’ve added a warning label to to the Worksheets to remind Class C operators that our worksheets are a supplement to the training and not a replacement for the training. Use of the Worksheet alone does not mean you have been trained via our training course and requires completion of our Class C training course.

Any questions please contact us anytime at 866-301-8265 or [email protected].


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