What’s New with UST Training? Lots!

September 29, 2017

You’d think after three decades of service in the UST industry that there wouldn’t be much in the way of new and updating talking points. But here at UST Training, we’re always looking ahead to help Class A/B and C UST operators plus UST inspectors look to improve UST compliance and safety.

So what’s new? Lots!

  • New web page: We recently updated our web page. Check it out!
  • New Class C course: We made our awesome course even better.
  • New Emergency Response Placard: Suitable for posting at your dispenser. Download, print, fill out, laminate, post
  • New UST Regs Interpretations: EPA has published helpful interpretations of the new UST rules. Read more.
  • New Monthly Inspection Forms: PEI has been busy publishing and advertising the new PEI RP 900 document. Class A/B UST operators, get your new RP 900 forms here.
  • New Way to Look at the 30-Day Inspection. Ben Thomas of UST Training provides a great summary of the new 30-day walkthrough inspection rule.

Have something new the UST community would find helpful? Let us know!

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