What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

January 2, 2014

Which will you do better in 2014? Let’s put that UST operator training to work!



[   ] I promise to respond to any and all alarms from the tank monitor.



[   ] I promise to inspect my spill buckets more often.

IMG_543525a badcovers


[   ] I promise to make sure the fuel delivery guy is paying attention.

whatsWrong_sep_web3 deliveriesbad


[   ] I promise to keep my sumps clean and dry (which does not include tampering with the sensor).

whats-wrong_may2011jan 12 whats wrong


[   ] I promise to get my records in better order.

32 IMG_2187IMG_3838


[   ] I promise to only use qualified, certified UST workers to service my system.

26 Gordy and Howard 275IMG_2316











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