Why Bleach is BAD for Cleaning Dispenser Nozzles

November 17, 2020

Attention Class A/B and C UST operators. Important safety tip for cleaning nozzles in the time of COVID-19.

UST Training attended the session “Safety in the World of COVID-19” at the PEI Virtual Conference last week and learned and important thing to share to all UST owners and operators: don’t use bleach to clean your dispenser hanging hardware. It turns out it actively corroded aluminum. The presenter Steve Baynham of Husky showed in real time a video of bleach dissolving the aluminum and we could literally see small slivers of metal blistering away.

Here’s a summary of the presentation

Conundrum of Sanitizing Dispensers & Hanging Hardware, Steve Baynham

Many operators are dealing with challenges in properly sanitizing dispensers and hanging hardware without damaging the materials. Most cleansing solutions contain some form of bleach (Chlorine), which will literally eat away aluminum (causing nozzle failures). Similar issues–with different causes–have occurred with touch screens and the plastic buttons on dispensers.  While contact with contaminated surfaces may now be second to the dangers of aerosolized droplets as a priority in combating the COVID19 virus, people still need to feel that “something” is being done to keep things clean. Steve Baynham, metallurgist and quality manager, Husky, will talk about the challenges of sanitization at the pump. The nozzle and touchscreen are the two major points of access that patrons use. Baynham will talk about what he has witnessed with corrosion buildup on nozzles and how that creates safety issues (e.g., continue pumping gas). He also will discuss damage to touchscreens and other surfaces. He also will discuss damage to touchscreens and other surfaces. And he will talk about EPA list N chemicals for COVID-19, such as low-chlorinated or high-alcohol or oxygenated chemicals, and how they can react in the environment (an example is the impact of evaporation).

If you have questions, please contact Steve at or 636-825-7218.

Learn more about Husky nozzles and other UST equipment here.

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