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Why Online Learning and Why UST Training - UST Training

May 10, 2016

Class-AB_courseOnline learning is steadily becoming an accepted way to meet compliance requirements AND to help operators do a better job keeping us all safe from leaking UST systems. We’ve been gathering feedback since we first started doing online training in 2007 and we continue to work at being the best in the UST Training industry.

Here’s some unedited feedback from Class A/B UST Operators from around the country. If you’re on the fence about the value of online learning versus the traditional classroom setting, consider the following comments.


Iver Cox Iver Cox said: I like the way the course steared you to dive deeper into the material and in doing so made more of the information stick. It was very interesting and I would suggest this course be available to just about anyone.
Roy ToguchiRoy Toguchi said:The presentation was very informative and well thoughtout. Well worth the hours spent in reviewing the information and learning a few new things.
Jonathan JaleJonathan Jale said:Now I know that there is alot more to owning and running a UST gas station. Very informative, Excellent.


Michael R Gallagher Michael R Gallagher said:You did a good job on course I came from the compliance testing end of spectrum a few years ago and would have loved to have taken this course years ago when I first started ust training I feel it is a must for anyone working with the systems. Two thumbs up
Tyson PoeTyson Poe said:The Washington Class A/B UST Operator Training Online Course was well worth the money. The videos were well done and fully prepared me for the Washington A/B UST operator test. The best part of the online course is being able to take a break whenever you want and work at your own pace.
BONNIE BUNTAINBONNIE BUNTAIN said: What a great option! I recommend printing the entire study guide off to have at hand before the test. Ben Thomas does a great job he also has quite a few youtube video’s well worth watching. If I hear of ANYONE as desperate for info as I was I’m gonna give them Ben’s info which you can find on Washington State UST training sites….thank you Ben Thomas for the training! Make sure to take the 10 lessons that have sound and pictures after you pass your Certificate is emailed to you and you print it off. Very slick and user friendly all online


Michael Sheridan Michael Sheridan said: The UST A/B course was extremely informative and very interesting. I enjoyed it!!
Patrick MacDonald Patrick MacDonald said: Course had good flow and relevant information. It was easy to follow and there was little redundant information presented. Good course.
Praim Mangar Praim Mangar said:The course was very detailed. After completion I realized I have to do a better job organizing my documen


Doug DelhayDoug Delhay said: Having operated, maintained and overseen construction/remodel of a few fueling stations, I found the material to be very straight forward. It would have been good to have this information years ago since owning and maintaining a fueling station for a commercial entity is a small portion of my responsibilities. It is good to have the information in a single, concise packet. I do have concerns about the required certification which leads to accountability, responsibility and, the sure to follow, liability that comes upon a individual employee when they may not have the time to dedicate to fulfilling federal program requirements.
ray craneray crane said:Well organized. A lot of information to take in. I enjoyed the online at your own pace aspect. I watched it twice two weeks apart to better retain the knowledge
Roxane MunsonRoxane Munson said:The training was informational and great to be able to take online. We have a UST for heating fuel only, so much of it does not pertain to my situation, but I did learn a lot and would recommend your online course to anyone that needs to take it


Barth ZurbuchenBarth Zurbuchen said: Treat the course as continuing education. Follow the self-paced version with undivided attention, breaking away when an attention interuption competes for your concentration, make notes on the printed slides about anything relevent to your UST app, use your notes when taking the exam in one continuing effort and you will ace the exam. The perfect learning experience.
Michael KennedyMichael Kennedy said:I work for the US Postal Service but prior to this I use to work for a tank installer. This course was an excellent refresher for me to assume my duties as a CLASS A/B operator
David Brost David Brost said: Good course.Easy to follow and made a person think about how to improve his facilities and record keeping

West Virginia

Raymond RogersRaymond Rogers said:  I have had zero experience in this line of work, therefore I was sort of lost at times with the presentation and some of the questions that were asked. I did learn a lot though and would recommend the course to anyone in the business.
Jeffrey DarbyJeffrey Darbysaid: A must for anyone. Should be required learning for all about our natural resources and how to protect them.
Ammar Abood Ammar Abood said:Thanks for the people who make it easy for us

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