Why the Class C Training Checklist is Important

May 12, 2020

At UST Training, we are proud to have pioneered the concept of the “UST Class C operator training checklist” over ten years ago. We wanted to take online learning one step further by creating a practical exercise after class to help the operator connect what they saw on the computer screen to what they have at their particular UST location.

Here’s how it works.

Shaheer is a c-store employee. His boss tells him to take the online Class C course. He spends a half hour going through the training and learns, among other useful hings, how to identity the important parts of a UST system and its safety equipment.

But before he prints his certificate he checks the box saying he will download, fill out and sign his “Site-Specific Checklist.” He doese, then hands it to his boss, the Class A/B operator, and she shows him where all the important UST equipment is located: ATG, check. Spill placard, check. Breakaway valve, check….

They go through the whole the list together until Shaheer knows where everything is. Now if Shaheer hears the overfill alarm, knows where it is, what is looks like, and thanks to the training, how to respond.

Over the years we’ve seen a number of states adopt our form as a standard for ensuring site-specific learning is taking place. And we’re glad to see practical solutions are being allowed to promote high quality online learning.

Want to get a copy of our Site-Specific Worksheet? They’re free when you take any one of our our online Class C courses.

All our courses are either approved or accepted in every state (except California which only allows face-to-face training) plus we have Class C for Indian Country as well as Hindi-narrated.


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