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Why Train All of Your Class C UST Operators Instead of a Few? - UST Training

March 2, 2018

Driving home from a training Class A/B UST operator training class the other day, I pulled into a busy convenience store to fill up the car and get a snack inside. As I always do,—because I can’t help it– I looked over the shoulder of the store clerk ringing me up and spied–to my surprise– a brand new EVO 550 by Franklin. Here’s the exchange between us.

Me: Can I ask you a question?

Clerk (hesitantly) Uh, okay.

Me: What do you think of your new tank monitor?

Clerk: (blankly) My what?

Me: The Franklin 550, in the back room…the gray box back there…for measuring fuel and things.

Clerk: Uh, I don’t mess with that.

Me: Well, at least the green light’s on and it’s not in alarm.

Clerk: If you say so.

Sound familiar?

The good news:
Tank monitor light was green.
No evidence of an alarm.

The bad news:
Operator had no idea what I was talking about.
If in alarm, Operator not likely to know what to do or who to call.

The moral of the story:
If you’re a UST owner or Class A/B operator and are looking for ways to reduce missing an important tank monitor alarm, consider training all your Class C operators. Maybe at this location there was a remote monitoring service, or maybe another clerk in the store was already trained, but why leave that the chance? Over the years I’ve seen two approaches to training store clerks and cashiers: Train a few as needed or train them all. In my experience, companies who train all new employees on Day One have a much better risk management approach and are less likely to get a fine or miss an important warning signal.

At UST Training we offer a number of bulk license options for UST owners. We recognize there’s lots of Class C operators out there (probably over  a million nationwide) and the cost can be high for one-at-a-time purchased.  Learn more about our course leasing program, or contact us anytime.




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