You get what you pay for

November 4, 2014

Any shrewd consumer knows you get what you pay for and the lowest price on the job is just that–the lowest price. Here at UST Training we’ve kept our prices the same since Day 1: $12.95 for a Class C UST operator license and $169.95 for a Class A/B UST operator license. And, barring catastrophe, we plan on keeping it that way. We may not be the cheapest trainer in the market but we believe we are the best.

Like in the 1980 Kurt Russell classic movie “Use Cars” we don’t have to resort to trying to catching our customers with a $10 bill on a fishing line. With us there are no pricing gimmicks. We have our normal bulk discounts, periodic sales, and special offers to certain groups and associations. We don’t undercut our prices simply to keep old customers or woo new ones. In fact, here is what makes us unique and price-worthy.

  • We are pioneers in UST training.
  • Our goal is to make you a better operator.
  • We treat each customer as unique.
  • We love what we do.
  • We offer free regulatory support.
  • We always call you back.

So when shopping for online Class A/B and C training, be smart and stick to your budget. Just don’t be this guy in the movie chasing the $10 bill on a fishing line through traffic.


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