30-Day Walkthrough Inspections

March 23, 2023

Hello State UST agencies

A simple idea to help improve compliance with your regulated community – make it easier for UST operators to start using your 30-day walkthrough inspection form.

Here at UST Training, we put a lot of stock into ensuring not only do Class A/B UST operators understand the regulations, but they actually know what actions to do after they become certified. Take, for example, the 30 day walk-through inspection. Ben Thomas, President of UST Training often calls the 30-day inspection the centerpiece of an excellent compliance for any UST system.

This requirement ensures that someone– hopefully the Class A/B UST operator– is checking your system every 30 days, noticing potential problems, and fixing them which is the best way to stay out of major trouble. For all of our state-approved Class A/B operator training courses we provide a complementary copy of each state’s 30 day walk-through form to make it easier for people to start doing it after class.

We recently searched each state’s UST web page to double-check the current version of each state’s form. And we were a little shocked to discover how hard it is to find on many state UST agency webpages. Some states didn’t even have the form available.

So, please, look at your web page and move (or add) the form to a position where anyone can easily find it. Additionally, send all of your UST operators a copy of the form so they have it handy.

Got any other ideas to improve inspection compliance? Email us at [email protected]

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  1. Terry Miller says:

    I was looking for the UST A/B checklist for Virginia but noticed you don’t have one for Virginia. Do you have plans to add this for Virginia?