Attention Tribes: New Class A/B UST Operator Training Now Online

July 29, 2016

Class-AB_courseAttention Tribal UST operators and inspectors in Indian Country: UST Training is proud to announce the first-ever Class A/B UST Operator Training course designed exclusively for UST operators in Indian Country. This course meets and exceeds the content requirements of US EPA rules and will help Tribal UST operators meet the October 13, 2018 training deadline.

Over the years, Ben Thomas of UST Training has had the good fortune to train Indian Country operators throughout the US, including Seneca Nation of Indians, Turtle Mountain Band of the Chippewa, Eight Northern Pueblos, Navajo Nation, Oneida Nation, Inter-tribal Council of Arizona, Cherokee Nation, and many other tribes and nations. Plus Ben has many years experience working with Alaska Native villages cleaning up contaminated sites in the 1990s. Ben is proud to offer his expertise to tribal UST operator to ensure that the tribes get not only top-notch training but our excellent practical advice and UST management ideas.

Don’t wait! Learn about how you can get ready for the 2018 training deadline.

Register today!

For limited time we are offering an introductory 20% discount off all purchases for this course. Use the coupon code TRIBAL2016 when checking out.

We also have special offers for group purchases. Contact us at 866-301-8265 or

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  1. Tom McClure says:

    Why is the Montana Tank Helper free of charge and the Tribal O/O training charged a fee? I am a Federal Credentialed inspector for the Flathead Reservation and I have 5 Tribally owned facilities in addition to 22 non-member facilities. The non member facilities pay nothing with Tank Helper.
    The Tribal owned facilities could just take Tank Helper training free of charge.

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Hi Tom. You are correct about TankHelper being free. In fact I helped create that for the MT DEQ some years ago. By all means if you can get it for free then use TankHelper. The Indian Country course is probably better for Non-MT folks or operators who want to track a number of users/licenses/certificates. Also my course covers the new EPA rules and I think TankHelper isn’t there yet. Thanks for the feedback.