Emergency Hire Discounts Available

March 26, 2020

Convenience store workers are now listed as essential workers during the Coronavirus pandemic, and we are seeing a surge of new employees at gas stations around the country.

Need training fast? Our Class C course is quick to complete: most Class C trainees are trained and certified in less than a half hour.

How are you making sure your workers are being safe and sanitary while serving the public? And do your new hires know how to handle spills, leaks, alarms, accidents and other possible problems?

With such disruption in people’s daily lives, it could be easy to overlook a critical tank gauge alarm or not know what to do with a gas spill at the pump island.

If your company urgently needs large-scale Class A/B or C UST operator training, we can offer you bulk discounts. Our courses are 100% online, state-approved, and can be done at the viewer’s own pace from home or work.

Want to sample a Class A/B or C course and see why we think we have the best in the industry? Want to talk group discounts? Just want some advice? Contact us at 866-301-8265 or

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