Free UST Webinars This November

October 11, 2022

UST Training is excited to provide a number of free webinars this November. Register for the following below.

Any topics you want to see covered with our free webinar series? Let us know.

Leveraging Internet Technology for Better UST Compliance
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November 2, 2022
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Time
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There are plenty of digital tools out there to improve UST compliance if you know what’s available. See what’s out there, what works, and why you should consider these at-your-fingertips technological solutions. Learn about online solutions for inventory, test results, alarm response, monthly inspections, advanced ATG features, compliance scheduling reporting, UST operator training (of course) and more!

Understanding the Various UST Leak Test Requirements
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Wednesday November 9,  2022, 10 AM to 11 AM PST
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UST regulations allow for operators to choose a variety of different leak detection technologies in order to comply with UST regulations. Unfortunately this leads to a lot of confusion because of the variety of different leak tests out there. Learn from UST expert Ben Thomas about the different types of leak tests and how to tell them apart.


The Veeder Root TLS 300/350 is being phased out. What can you do to prepare?
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November 30, 2022, 10 AM PST
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The Veeder Root TLS 300/350 is being phased out. What can you do to prepare?

The most important webinar you will attend this year: The Veeder Root TLS 300/350, which makes up the majority of automatic tank gauges in North America is at the end of its sales and service life and is being discontinued by Veeder-Root in the foreseeable future. Veeder-Root announced last year that it will be no longer manufacturing the TLS-300 and TLS-350 systems. They indicated sales cycle where manufacturing the products is no longer feasible due to obsoleted components and increased costs for older technologies.

Hear from UST Training’s special guest speaker Lee Girard of Veeder Root about why the transition is happening, why it’s actually a good thing, and what you can do to prepare for the future. Also hear about the many benefits of the TLS 450 Plus and why the transition makes good business, security and compliance sense. This webinar is limited to the first 500 attendees so sign up today.

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  1. Timothy Palange says:

    I am very interested in the Veeder-Root webinar on 11/30; my facility uses a V-R TLS-350. However, I have to work during the event. Will there be an archived copy of the webinar on your website?
    Thank you very much for any assistance you can render.