Friday the 13th and One Year to Go!

October 13, 2017

As you may know, one year from today, on October 13, 2018, the nation’s UST owners must have met a number of new Federal requirements. New compliance targets include:

  • Monthly walkthrough inspections,
  • Annual sump inspections and leak detection equipment function testing,
  • Tri-annual spill bucket and sump tightness testing, and overfill equipment function testing,
  • Emergency generator tanks must now do leak detection,
  • Class A/B and C UST operator training,
  • and a few more things.

UST owners have exactly one year to comply.

Except, not exactly.

In reality, the Federal deadline can vary based on your UST’s location. And of course whether the state or territory already requires the particular regulation (i.e. all states now require operator training, but not on all Indian Lands yet).

For instance, if your UST is located Indian Country or within one of the following states listed in light green, then the one year from today deadline applies. (Again, unless the rule is already in force.)

The rest of the states and territories have a deadline of sooner or later, depending on when each jurisdiction has adopted or will adopt the new rules. Guam, for example, adopted the rules a few years ago so every “new” EPA rule is already law. Colorado, by comparison, and like a number of states, is planning to adopt sometime in 2020.

So the answer as to when to comply: it depends.

Currently there is no list of state deadlines that we’re aware of, so if you find one please share and we will in turn publish it.

UST Training will be updating all of our Class A/B training content to reflect these changes ASAP. Stay tuned for details.

And if you want a great summary of the new EPA rules, click here.



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  1. Glenn Faulkner says:

    Your information says that for Emergency generators that you must not do leak detection, is this a typo?

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Yes. So sorry. The sentence should read: Emergency generator tanks must now do leak detection. Thanks for the note. Ben

  2. Robert Weimer says:

    Hi Ben. On the home page your information still says that for Emergency generators that you must not do leak detection, when you click on “Keep reading for more details” it is correct.

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Thanks Robert. Just fixed it. Thanks for noticing and howdy to my old ADEC crew.