Meet the Team

March 29, 2019

UST Training is growing! In 2019 we’ve been busy getting our existing Class A/B courses re-approved plus we’ve been creating new courses for other Class A/B states. In fact we’ve been so busy we’ve had to grow the team to keep up. And even though we’re online, we are a company with real people who all love providing high quality, inspirational training content.


Meet the team!

Ben Thomas

Founder of UST Training, Ben started overseeing tank removals in Vermont in 1986 and has been in the UST industry ever since. First as a state inspector and then as a consultant and trainer since 2002, Ben uses his 30+ years of UST experience to develop, present and update our training content to inspire operators from coast to coast using our nationally recognized classes. Ben lives on Whidbey island, WA.


Matt McDowell

Matt started working with UST Training part time in 2011 and is now largely responsible for UST Trainings look, both from the outside (awesome web page) and inside (SEO, security, functionality, speed, navigation). Plus he’s involved in branding, marketing, analytics and a million other behind the scenes projects. Matt also is a Whidbey Islander.


Tammy Gathright

Tammy, our newest member to the UST Training team, joined to help grow the UST Training market. Tammy has a long history in the environmental consulting and the banking and insurance industry. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, but on the road quite a bit, look for Tammy’s smiling face at trade shows and UST conferences nationwide.



Kris Rodden

Kris is our office admin lead, helping field calls and emails since 2017 and helps bring order to our busy office. Kris lives in Portland, Oregon and is a Whidbey Island transplant.




Erica Lasola-Caramol of Coggno

Erica is our main tech support contact with Coggno, the company that has been seamlessly hosting our UST courses since 2012. For the last seven years, Erica has been helping our customers get signed up, logged in and on their way.




Stephanie Lim of Coggno

Have a technical problem? Lost your password? Have a module freeze up? More than likely Stephanie is helping you out. Stephanie of tech support with Coggno has been helping our customers get trained since 2015.



Aaron Cisneros of Coggno

Aaron recently joined the UST Training Team, helping resellers set up our super cool Portable Web Shop, allowing companies to link to, sell and make passive income from our great collection of courses.

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