New Tank Savvy Minutes: Stay Savvy, Stay Safe

March 25, 2020

Check out these short Tank Savvy Minute videos made by UST Training’s Ben Thomas. Get basic guidance for gas station customers (be kind, be patient), service technicians (give them space so they can fix pumping equipment) and UST operators (still do compliance checks). Feel free to share and make sure you subscribe for future updates.

Be Savvy, Be Safe: A Special Tank Savvy Minute About the Coronavirus
Ben Thomas of UST Training provides a special edition about the Coronavirus and underground storage tank Compliance management. See more here:…

Cleaning High-Touch Areas at the Pump
Ben Thomas of UST Training shares some important information provided by the National Association of Convenience Stores and CAF to help UST operators make sure their fueling equipment that comes in contact routinely with the public is clean and safe. Learn more here:


Attention Gas Station Customers: Be Patient, Be Safe, Be Kind
Until the Coronavirus starts to level off, there will be much concern about safe fueling at gas stations and convenience stores. Listen to this brief video by UST Training’s President, Ben Thomas, about being patient, being safe and being kind at the pumps. Learn more here:…


UST Compliance During the Coronavirus: What Must I Do?
Ben Thomas of UST Training will explain what Class A/B and C operators need to do in order to stay in compliance with underground storage tank (UST) regulations in the time of the coronavirus. Spoiler alert: keep on doing what you’re doing. Learn more here:

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