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PEI's UST Component Compatibility Library - UST Training

April 17, 2019

If you are a UST operator at a facility that dispenses greater than E10 ethanol gasoline or greater than B20 biodiesel, you are required by State and Federal law to provide proof that all UST parts are verified to be compatible with such fuels. And as any seasoned operator who took our Class A/B training knows, there are lots and lots of parts that make up a whole UST system. Compatibility verification can include:

  • Tank
  • Piping
  • Containment sumps
  • Pumping equipment
  • Release detection equipment
  • Spill prevention equipment
  • Overfill prevention equipment

How do you prove compatibility for each part? One solution: the Petroleum Equipment Institute publishes a free listing of compatible parts, searchable by parts manufacturer. Check it out.

Locate your parts, download the verification notices and create your own verification library. You don’t have to be a PEI member to enjoy the services PEI offers the UST industry as a whole.

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