Spotlight: Oregon DEQ

April 1, 2015

oregon-deq-hillsboroThis month’s Spotlight is on the Oregon DEQ UST Program. Oregon was the first state back in 2003 to require that UST operators be trained to a minimum level of competence. Oregon chose to use state-approved third party trainers and let industry provide the training solutions. I can still remember packing a large group into a conference room at the Lake Oswego Crown Plaza hotel, everyone wondering what the heck we were going to talk about. This was the first state approved class in Oregon and in fact the nation.

12 years later UST Training has personally trained almost the entire state’s operator population and remains a regular trainer in Oregon, offering up to four lives classes per year in Portland and more statewide based on demand.

After working with inspectors and operators for over a decade in this state, I’ve come to really appreciate how things work in Oregon. Here’s what I like in particular.

Free site visits for first time owners: Need some extra help? A friendly DEQ inspector can schedule a free site visit for new and first time owners/permitees. Click here to sign up today.

Great newsletters: DEQ publishes helpful newsletter articles. Get the full list of editions back to 2007. And sign up for free email copies sent to you.

Easy training documentation: DEQ makes it easy to document the training your staff receive.

Download your operating permit. Lost your certificate? Download it here.

No surprises: Want to know how to get ready for a UST inspection? Download this handy “how to” document.

Consistency: I know from many years experience that the Oregon DEQ goes to great length to be consistent with their interpretation of the UST rules. I know UST operators with tanks statewide really appreciate this.

Good inspectors: I’ve had the good fortune of knowing many of the state’s UST inspectors for many years and I can personally testify they strive hard to help operators succeed at being in compliance. I’ve heard over a decade of compliments from operators who appreciate their overall posture of courtesy and assistance.

So thank to the good staff at the Oregon DEQ. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Ron Gernhardt says:

    Appreciate the newsletter, knowledge is power!

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Thank Ron and Go Ducks!