Video shows fire after Ashland, KY gas station explosion

April 23, 2019

Here’s a recent story about a gas station explosion where amazingly, no one was hurt. If you watch the raw video footage here you’ll notice the strangely casual nature of pedestrians, nearby traffic and even the person filming the shooting flames. Was the response here correct? Typically, emergency steps include:

  1. Shut off the power (did it happen?)
  2. Clear the area (how far off site do you go?)
  3. Call 911 (can we assume the Class C UST operator did this?)

We encourage all you Class A/B UST operators out there to review the video and think about what you would do in the case of a major fire. Fortunately gas station fires are not common and we’ve actually never heard of an underground tank suddenly exploding like it did in Ashland, but we are interested to know what actually caused it. Meanwhile, think about your own fire preparedness and what you might do differently.

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  1. HB says:

    Was the surveillance footage prior to the explosion released? Any update on what caused this?