What’s Wrong here?

June 22, 2017

Just filmed this yesterday while filling up my vehicle. How is this possible? No delivery happening at this convenience store but the overfill light is blinking and the alarm is silent. What’s going on Class A/B UST operators?

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  1. Mark says:

    A tank is still in “High Product” mode after an overfill. The float may be stuck or the fuel is still over 95%.

  2. Edward Ramirez says:

    A shorted control board

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Hi Edward. I just learned that the tank was recently overfilled and that the alarm light will continue until acknowledged.

  3. Ben Kann jr says:

    The tank is still in high level. The light will stop blinking when it drops to a safe level.

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Thanks Ben. I just learned that right before you sent your reply. Learn something every day.