What’s wrong with this flapper valve?

August 10, 2012

An astute UST operator sent us this photo yesterday of an automatic shut off device removed from a fill pipe. Can you tell us what’s wrong?

Trained operators of tomorrow should know why this “what’s wrong” is a major hazard to your business.

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  1. Beefy says:

    Now that’s one I haven’t seen before! Screwing the flapper to the valve body so it wont ever shut in the event of an overfill…these things never cease to amaze me. See you guys in Vegas!!

  2. Brian Falvey says:

    The flapper valve is secured with a screw preventing it’s movement.


    Last time you asked about operator training in NY. Here is new information from the NYSDEC website.

  3. Paul Bedard says:

    Looks like OPD float has been fastened down so it won’t float up and close the fill tube past 95%.

  4. Rick Jarvis says:

    Some put a screw through the flapper to the riser so it will not function properly.


  5. Scott Hafer says:

    Overfill prevention valve and drop tube are on the tailgate of a pick up truck. They belong in the tank fill pipe riser.
    Corrosion process attacking the aluminum.
    Missing one connector in overfill body.

  6. Wilbert Crisostomo says:

    Droptube flapper have bolt on it that’s very clear to me it’s not in compliance.

  7. Larry R. Gregory says:

    Holes drilled in a flapper float plus a screw to probably block it from ever functioning or floating. The owners or mechanics tampering with a critical safety device like that should not pass go and instead go straight to jail!

  8. Obe says:

    I agree Beefy its a first, A marvelous peace of engineering to disable this device. It looks as though the first attempt failed.