Wisconsin Recorded Webinars

August 5, 2011

Great news for busy Wisconsin Class A/B UST operators. We have a new training option: recorded webinar lessons.

Currently in Wisconsin, UST operators sign up for a webinar that we broadcast live. Feedback on the live option has been very positive and folks, especially new operators, say they like talking to a live person. However, scheduling can be a problem and some operators can’t afford to take a whole day off for training. We’ve had numerous requests for recording the lessons so users can watch at their leisure. Now that option is happening for Wisconsin operators. Go to the “Self-Paced” version of the Wisconsin course.

So now there are two training options

  1. Live webinar and final exam
  2. 10 recorded webinar lessons and final exam

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  1. james mayer says:

    will you be repeating the presentation?

    1. Ben Thomas says:

      Yes James. I’ll do this probably every month until the deadline.