With Us: Train Whenever and Wherever You Want

June 2, 2020

It always surprises us when we get questions like How much time to I have to complete the training? Or Do I have to watch the whole thing at once?

We’ve gotten so used to our super flexible system that maybe we assume all training vendors offer what we do: namely

  • Begin whenever you want.
  • Start and stop a lesson whenever you like.
  • Take as much as you need.
  • Your account and the courses are always accessible.
  • Access to your course never expires.

Also know you can start lessons at your work computer and finish at home. Because your account is online, access it anywhere you have Internet and computer speakers. No special software is required.

If you are stressed about taking Class A/B or C training with limited time, you can relax with us. We’d rather you take your time and learn at your own pace. That’s why folks like online training so much. Take it whenever and wherever you want.

See what makes our online courses the best in the industry.

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