Arizona Class A/B Self-Paced FOR PURCHASE

$150.00 Self Paced


Hello Arizona Third Party Contractors and State or Federal UST operators that do not pay the “penny per gallon throughput fee.”

This version of our Arizona Class A/B UST Operator Training course is available if you do not qualify for the no-cost ADEQ training. This course is 100% online and self-paced. Get trained and certified from any computer with Internet and speakers/headphones.


Arizona Class A/B UST operator training course is a great way to meet the training requirements while learning everything you need to know to be an effective UST operator.

Self Paced:

This option allows users to watch 10 lessons online instead of attending a live webinar. Users take each lesson any time that is convenient. Great for new and experienced operators alike. Total lesson viewing time is about 2.5 to 3 hours. Plus a 1-hour final exam.

System Requirements:

All you need is high speed Internet and computer speakers or headphones.

Before you start training:
Download a report of your UST system so you know what information applies to your site. Search by name, location or ID

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