Learn HOW to comply, not just WHAT to comply to

May 19, 2020

In many states, Class A/B UST operators have a number of choices when shopping for training. So why go with us and not “the other guys”?

When we first started doing online training back in 2009, we made a very intentional commitment to train UST operators the best way possible by making our content relevant, applicable and meaningful. We tried to imagine a UST operator sitting at a computer for hours listening to narrated slides, wondering:

  • How does all this this apply to me?
  • Why should this matter to me?
  • How to I decide which regs apply to me and which don’t?
  • How do I keep my records organized?
  • What happens if I don’t do something right?
  • What do I need to do pass my next inspection?

So rather than just run the operator though a bunch of rules and regulations, we wanted to know that someone could identify what equipment they had on-site; know exactly what to do every day, month and year; develop a UST management plan; and ultimately inspire our customers to be the best operator he or she can possibly be.

One way to do this is to use our expertise not to explain what compliance is but actually how to achieve it. We do through lots of pictures, images and diagrams. We do this with a smart order to how we present the information so it makes sense. We repeat import things often. We use a friendly, conversational tone. We summarize timelines with calendars so people know what to do and when and even how. We encourage folks to call us with questions.  Basically we try to make it interesting.

So when you’re shopping next for training, consider the questions above. Some of you might just want to get in and get out, and save a few dollars, but all it takes is one field citation, along with a fine or site shut-down, to realize that good training pays and bad training costs.

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  1. Failure to have flotation devices? LOL

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