States in Review: AZ, CT, DE, HI, IA, FL, NE, NM

July 21, 2021

There’s lots going on around the US in the world of UST systems: here’s a summary. Find your state or states and learn more.

Arizona: ADEQ is rolling out MyDEQ this July, which will basically allow each UST operator to create an online account to ADEQ and manage all “paperwork” virtually. Learn more.

Arizona: We still offer free training to qualifying Class A/B and C UST operators. Learn more.

Connecticut: Our online Class A/B course has been approved by the CT DEEP. Start training now.

Delaware: Look for us to be offering online, state-approved Class A/B training shortly. DE is allowing third party vendors to train in-state and our course is under review.

Hawaii: We’re offering a live Class A/B UST operator training course in Honolulu this October, pending enough enrollment. Learn more.

Iowa: The IOWA DNR has revised their UST rules and UST Training has updated our slides to include the new rules.

Iowa: We still offer free training to qualifying Class A/B and UST operators. Learn more.

Nebraska: We’ll be training all the NE UST inspectors this fall in Lincoln. Need your own inspector course? Contact us.

New Mexico: New UST regulations go into effect July 24, 2021, including spill/overfill/sump testing, emergency power generator release detection and other Federally-based requirements. Learn more.

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