Tank Savvy Minute Videos: 307,500 Views and Counting

November 14, 2018

Another milestone in the history of UST Training’s efforts to bring useful information to the UST community. As of today, we’ve logged over 300,000 views of our Tank Savvy Minute videos on YouTube since 2011. To be specific:

  • 268,497 minutes of watch time
  • 748 subscribers

Speaking with folks at various conferences and trade shows over the years, here’s what we’re told videos are being used for:

  • Training new Class A/B UST employees,
  • Instructing users how to operate automatic tank gauges,
  • Training new Class C UST operators,
  • Training new state inspectors,
  • Training new service technicians, and
  • Showcasing new products.

Many thanks to our loyal viewers!

Want more videos? Look for some new ones in 2019 but meanwhile send us your ideas about what you’d like to see.

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