This month’s Spotlight: CSTAT

November 19, 2018

Ben Thomas of UST Training has become friends with a Louisville, Kentucky-based company that’s been around for some time: CSTAT Mobile Data Collection. Learn how they can help you with improving your UST inspection process.

CSTAT creates customized mobile inspection forms for various types of UST inspections.  The CSTAT mobile forms push collected field data directly into company specific or agency mandated forms eliminating the need to write down notes in the field and then transpose the information later.  CSTAT has available the 30-day UST Walkthrough Inspection Forms for those states which have implemented the 2015 EPA regulations (and have made their forms available).  In addition, CSTAT has created other types of state mandated inspection forms such as annual testing and sump inspections.  Additional fields such as field notes, photographs, and additional test results (which may not be included on a state form) can be added to a mobile form for both online viewing and secondary outputs.  CSTAT operates on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and can work in the field without a cellular connection.

CSTAT announces an innovative process for UST owner/operators and inspectors to save time and eliminate transposition errors on UST inspection forms through the use of mobile technology.

Learn more:

CSTAT is also an offical reseller our our nationally recognized Class C UST operator training course. Plus we’ve endorsed them to become members of PEI.

Want to learn more about them? Contact:

Kurt Winters
Director of Technical Sales and Implementation

817-296-4466 (cell)

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