What Our 2022 Looks Like

January 1, 2022

Even with the pandemic’s impacts on business and life in general in 2021, our team at UST Training had an amazing year, helping UST operators learn about proper alarm response, avoid common violations, keep their communities safe from leaking UST sites, and of course get state-certified as Class A/B and C UST operators.

What will 2022 look like? We plan to:

  • Expand our Class A/B course offering in the few remaining states we’re not yet approved in.
  • Revise, tweak and update our existing Class A/B courses.
  • Attend a growing number of trade shows and conferences (masked if required, vaccinated regardless).
  • Train even more operators in the states where we offer free training (Arizona and Iowa).
  • Train state and Federal UST inspectors via scheduled webinars.
  • Expand our Lease program for companies who have lots of Class C’s to train and need an in-house, cost-effective solution.
  • Increase our Affiliate program, allowing companies to make passive income selling our A/B and C courses.
  • Provide more UST community building on our Friday Tank Savvy chat’s. 
  • Look for ways to improve our products based on customer feedback.
  • Offer multi-state solutions for companies with lots of USTs in different states.
  • Create more Tank Savvy Minute videos.

How can we help YOU be a better UST owner, operator or inspector? Let us know.

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