Need Class A/B and C Training in Multiple States?

March 27, 2019

Are you in multiple states? Need an online, company-wide solution for all your Class A/B and C operators? We can offer you a multi-state discount. Plus free advice about how to best comply with UST training rules in each state.

UST Training did the nation’s first state-approved Class A/B UST operator training course way back in 2002 and we’ve been training non-stop ever since. In fact, since we shifted to mostly online training in 2009, we’ve certified tens of thousands of Class A/B operators from many states and a whopping 550,000 Class C operators from all states.

If you are in states that we are either not yet approved in, or the state requires another option, we’ve got you covered: Just click on the state you need: we’ve got a link already in place for that solution. 

Class C:
We offer our Class C course in all states and territories that approve or accept third party vendors.

Class A/B:
Here’s a list of state’s we are currently approved in and the list is growing!

Alaska (approval pending)

Arizona (approval pending)

Alabama (approval pending)





Michigan (approval pending)






West Virginia


Contact us anytime about being your regional or even national training solution at


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